After a recent oral surgery, the post-op instructions included not to talk for 24 hours. Tim suggested, for an abundance of caution, I should make it 48 or 72. Cold drinks only and take a week to work back to normal schedule. Even this minimal lifestyle change is onerous. A liquid diet for a week puts me in a bad mood.

We have experiences that are so out of the ordinary that your family doubts your retelling, and you wonder, did it really happen? It’s not a: I walked ten miles to school every day, in the deep snow, uphill and into the wind kind. It’s more like the Candid Camera moment when a naked young woman, wearing high heel shoes and holding a purse, stepped out of an elevator and asked people for directions.

Every day, Breidagerdi School’s second graders went out for morning recess. It mattered not if the skies were gray (most of the time) or blue (some of the time). Wind gusts and pouring rain or meters of snow did not equate to indoor recess. But Icelandic moms dressed their children appropriately. They were no strangers […]

Not all women have hearts filled with compassion. Not all men lack compassion. But throughout history, it’s been women across all cultures who have attended to the human side. Our roles have always been closer to nature, caring for newborns, planting gardens, and brewing concoctions. Women are the givers and caretakers of what makes life worth living.