“That girl is Cliff’s mom.” I was picking up my boys from school. The two boys staring at me were seven or eight years old, or about 20 years younger than I. The second boy took issue with his friend’s assessment, “That’s no girl. That’s a woman.” How the second lad determined I belonged in […]

We are all terminal. We just don’t have the exact date on our Google calendar or any other calendar. But eventually, our ship will sail with us on board throwing kisses to loved ones, metaphorically. But one thing has changed, how long it’s taking to unwind the line from the hitch. Learning of a friend’s […]

“How do you feel about white counters?” Tim asks. Although I didn’t share this with my husband, I have no feelings about white counters. No opinion about counters in general.  Feelings are reserved for people, foods, Krombacher dark beer, and a pink morning sky minutes before the sun rises. Wait, there is more.  I also […]

Few years into retirement, Tim and I decided to pack up, sell our home of 35 years, and move out-of-state. People’s reactions varied. The most unexpected response came from our friend, Bob, who said our decision nudged him to act on a dream to buy a yacht and cruise down to the [Florida] Keys and […]

“They came to a good place,” my daughter Gretchen commented observing two vultures on top of my house. I live in a 55+ community, making her comment particularly mean-spirited, appropriate, and humorous. My friend, Becky D., a photographer, contemplated doing a photo book and naming it Roadkill. It was her husband’s idea, and it was […]

What is a good person? The question came up in book club discussing, Where the Crawdads Sing. Seated in camaraderie, 12 women were eager to begin the conversation. So eager in fact, that I turned down the volume on my hearing aids. Admiration for the main character, Kye, with her spunk and survival instincts was […]

Sauntering down Main Street in Palm Springs, with my friend Maureen, an Executive Director at Kaiser Permanente, our conversation turns to her work. She tells me that patients are an integral part of the Kaiser process and doctors are evaluated regularly by their peers and patients. She explains that performance has to do with the […]