Edith Andersen

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You get married for better or worse. At twenty-five, that’s an easy commitment to make. Signing the paperwork without reading the fine print is normal. You are more concerned about your gown’s Chantilly lace than legal matters. Thirty or more years later, the mistake of not reading the conditions outlined in your marriage contract is sitting on the couch watching television from morning to night.

Reading about defenders of justice and freedom inspires us. Humanity’s inherent sense of fairness is embedded in us and passed on to the young. The exceptions are people born or forced into horrid conditions where survival is the only goal. But even then, a few rise to the challenge. Looking at myself from an outside the forest perspective, I admit that my boldness could use a shot of B12.

Sister relationships are some of the most authentic relationships we have. A sister-sister relationship is unique and unlike any other. The closer in age, the better your sisters understand the things you have gone through. We are each other’s confidantes and combatants. We share common memories and similar experiences. A sister is there for the […]

Most of us are good at taking care of ourselves and the stuff we own. While in quarantine, I posted on FB. “When this is over, we are going to need a haircut.” Dozens agreed. We get annual flu shots, hire people to take care of our lawn, and check our bank balance to make sure we have enough money. In other words, we are very good at taking care of the external stuff.

The coronavirus is connected to the extinction of species and human contribution to climate change. This emergency is the result of an economic system of limitless growth where GNP is king. Our “business as usual” systematically ignores planetary boundaries, the ecosystem, and species integrity.

Healing humor makes light of difficulties and life’s challenges. When I told my women teacher coworkers of an incredibly embarrassing moment I’d had with our boss, a wave after wave of laughter surged, and no doubt blood pressures dropped. They knew this could have been one of them and thanked their lucky stars it wasn’t.

After 40 years of marriage, it’s reasonable to believe you know all there is to know about your spouse. You don’t blink an eye when seeing you walk outside with car keys in hand and he comments, “are you going somewhere?” Three possibilities exist: A. I’m going to bed B. What you see is a mirage C. I’m taking the car and going somewhere.