Edith Andersen

Welcome to my blog of ruminations and essays.

The leeches were tough to pull off and left a mark that resembled a Mercedes-Benz logo. That may have been wishful thinking or a way to drown out my kids’ yelling for me to save them. Taking pity on them, an unfazed elder told them to sprinkle salt on the wormy critters (aka filthy little devils), and they’d fall off. They did.

A friend disagrees with me on the issue of ERA. She claims that discrimination between the genders doesn’t exist. Let’s say my friend is right. Women enjoy all the rights men have. But wouldn’t that in itself be a reason to read about our sisters who earned us that right? Of course, this is a pet peeve of mine. It’s when my kids go, “Mom, don’t go there.”

We rarely talk about what frightens us, but we all have dark places we don’t want to visit. The thought that harm would come to our children shakes us to the core and keeps us awake at night. It’s what made Sophie’s Choice, having to decide which of her two children will live and which will die is gut-wrenching. Aging and death are dark places we’d rather not visit.

It was breast milk with its protein that helped us evolve and grow bigger brains. No wonder breastfeeding (with a few exceptions) was revered throughout the ages. It was Hera’s breastmilk that made Hercules invincible and formed the Milky Way (or so the story goes). Baby Jesus suckling at Mary’s breast is one of the most endearing…

le who showed me kindness. A nurse at the sanatorium who stopped by my bed to stroke my face before she left work. The high school teacher who tolerated my rebellious ways and listened instead of punishing. The woman I waited on at the Fireside Lounge…

When we enjoy something, we want more of it. Take working out for example. When you are all done, you feel like a million? It’s how I feel after a couple sets of bat wing reps. A feeling of accomplishment pours over me. You can debate that spending seven minutes in the gym is unlikely to firm up my triceps, but it’s better than no reps. When it comes to food choices, inching away from processed food with added sugar will benefit our health.