Edith Andersen

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Not all women have hearts filled with compassion. Not all men lack compassion. But throughout history, it’s been women across all cultures who have attended to the human side. Our roles have always been closer to nature, caring for newborns, planting gardens, and brewing concoctions. Women are the givers and caretakers of what makes life worth living.

In a speech at Suffolk Law School (2007), she said she disliked being the only woman on the Supreme Court. Although she’d disagreed with former Justice Sandra Day O’Connor on some important questions, they shared experiences of growing up women.

Entering old age without an inner life, we risk feeling dead long before we run out of time. But first, what does it even mean to have an inner life, and how do you claim it?

There is a woman in my neighborhood I’ll call Louise Barton. LB posts inflammatory news on her Facebook page, seldom providing sources for her information. I’ve unfriended many males on FB, but I’m slow to cut ties with women. That sure sounds like double standards. It is. I understand my sisters and know their sufferings on account of their gender. I also know that underneath the most rigid shells beat soft hearts.

Women rule the domestic and men the political and spiritual roles. After marriage, the woman has her own sleeping quarters. The husband may sleep with her but must leave in the morning to have breakfast with his mother. “While the clan chief is always male, women select the chief and can remove him from office should they feel he failed to fulfill his duties.”