Edith Andersen

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“They came to a good place,” my daughter Gretchen commented observing two vultures on top of my house. I live in a 55+ community, making her comment particularly mean-spirited, appropriate, and humorous. My friend, Becky D., a photographer, contemplated doing a photo book and naming it Roadkill. It was her husband’s idea, and it was […]

What is a good person? The question came up in book club discussing, Where the Crawdads Sing. Seated in camaraderie, 12 women were eager to begin the conversation. So eager in fact, that I turned down the volume on my hearing aids. Admiration for the main character, Kye, with her spunk and survival instincts was […]

Sauntering down Main Street in Palm Springs, with my friend Maureen, an Executive Director at Kaiser Permanente, our conversation turns to her work. She tells me that patients are an integral part of the Kaiser process and doctors are evaluated regularly by their peers and patients. She explains that performance has to do with the […]

In December of 2017, my bookclub read The Rent Collector, fiction inspired by the story of Sang Ly, a real person who lived in the Stungmean Chey dump in Cambodia. The women in the bookclub knew about the homeless in our own country, but we were less knowledgeable about people in other countries. It was […]

Some days, the “dailyword” calls be shared. This was one of those days. Saturday, December 8, 2018 Spending quiet moments in nature, writing in my journal, praying, and meditating all support me in being more resilient to life’s changes. My commitment to my spiritual practice supports my evolution and growth, a natural part of life. […]

Have you ever wretched at the sight of maggots in the trash or lost your appetite after finding a hair in your food? Does your skin crawl at the sound of chalk scraping the blackboard? Felt aroused at the sound or sight of your lover? You are experiencing how dramatically your physical body responds to […]

The season of giving is here, again. Silent Night plays on the radio taking me out of this early December moment on a journey back in time.  However, the past is not where I want to nest, so, thank goodness, I can work on my To Do list. Number one, gifts to give family, people […]