Beyond Doubt

It's not often you know something beyond a shadow of a doubt. I'm not talking about the space between more likely than not and beyond a reasonable doubt. I'm talking about no question in our mind. Although I didn't witness the crime, every arrow pointed in the same direction. The facts are on my side. And most importantly, I saw the aftermath, nervousness, avoiding eye contact, and the body language. If you can't trust your eyes, what can you trust?

The Method of Loci

My children’s memories differ from mine. “Mamma, you said you would babysit the kids every Saturday, October through April?” I recall saying, “I will babysit for you one Saturday between October and April.” Grandkids have good memories. “Amma, you said I could climb the oak tree at the playground when I turned six.” I believe Kai. The fact I don’t remember saying it holds no water in my bucket with holes. But now I wonder, is there a way to putty the holes?