Irretrievably Broken

After 27 years of marriage, Bill and Melinda filed for divorce, citing the marriage as "irretrievably broken." Too much water under the bridge. No path remained to reach common ground. Voters in the United States can learn something from the Gates. How long do you compromise, turn yourself into a pretzel to stay together? Are 250 years enough? It takes enormous courage to be the one to call out the elephant in the room. "Hey! it's time to go our separate ways."  

Granddaughter of Julius Caesar

Historians shape our view of the past in how they tell it. Most of premodern human history is told through the male lens. If they wrote about women at all, it was limited to women with exceptional talents, powerful women, or those who exercised extreme malice and evil. Likely, these male historians didn't wear out their quill pen elaborating on the women's point of view or their feelings. So the best we can do is to infer women's emotional state from their reactions to their circumstances.

Sex Education

My one conversation with mamma took place in the basement laundry room. I sat on the first-floor cement open to the laundry room as she heaved sheets and clothes from one wooden barrel to another with an oar paddle. Fastidious about cleanliness, our laundry went through pre and post soaks. “Mamma, what’s it like to have a baby?” She strained to untangle sheets full of water refusing to separate. She didn’t answer. That wasn’t so unusual. Her concentration and work ethic was the stuff of legends.

The Bill of Rights depends on “We the People.”

When my sixth grade students crossed the threshold into the classroom on the first day of class… what was on their mind was to secure a desk near friends. Some knew what was coming. Most didn’t. “Good morning, and welcome to Sixth Grade. Boys and girls, just now, crossing over the threshold into the classroom, you stepped out of democracy into a dictatorship.” Some chuckled, and others gave each other worried looks. I gave them a moment to digest what I’d said. No other time in our year together would this lesson velcro as tight as on the first day of class.