Let’s Do Fika!

Scandinavians, like Americans, enjoy their morning joe, but fika isn't just about helping us wake up. Fika is about bringing people together and strengthening social bonds. Retirement is a great time to host a fika, be it one friend or ten. The key is to carve out time with your best buds. It can be a matter of mental survival.

Girlfriend Time = Sanity and Longevity

One thing I need for all of eternity is time with girlfriends. In my early twenties, children, husband, household, and my educational pursuits left little breathing time. But by my early thirties, I’d met women who became my sanity and confidants. A group of us started a monthly bridge group. Jeannie purchased a tablecloth listing different openings, Maureen (I think) got her hand on a bidding wheel, and we proceeded to learn to play Bridge. We drank into the night. We laughed until we near peed in our pants. Four decades later, our game hadn’t improved much, but the joy and sanity outweighed any concern.