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Children love stories about their parents as kids, especially stories their parents don’t want them to hear. Stories can make sense of the world, express our humanity, and change the way we see the world. After lunch recess, my sixth graders returned to the classroom eagerly. What awaited them was a chapter in a book […]

After missing a get-together with a few women, Olive told me I should be thankful. She explained that when Gwen, a new neighbor, wasn’t quoting the Bible, she finished other people’s sentences. “I couldn’t wait for it to end,”Olive confessed. Gwen didn’t sound like anyone I wanted to spend time with.  

Have you ever wondered why you are continually dealing with painful emotions you want no part of? Out of the blue, worrisome thoughts arise from who knows where. The term “pain-body” comes from the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, and describes this frequent and unwanted condition. 

There is something slow and earthy about living in tune with the continually changing world around us. I leave Florida when the Magnolia trees are in full blossom. Whether or not we follow the movements of the stars or the time of the tides to make decisions, many of us have started comparing the benefits of doing more—to doing less.