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The rising of consciousness, the next evolutionary step, moves us away from wars and hate towards awareness and compassion. There are no ten-step programs or best-selling books to teach us what we already know. It’s work we do on ourselves. While I don’t know any fully enlightened beings, I know people working to be a better version of themselves. I, too, seek to evolve into a better edition of Edith.

The hard work of doing is rarely the stuff of heroic biographies of leading men. It is the story of ordinary Americans who were finally pushed far enough that they put themselves on the line for this nation’s principles.

For the first time in United States’ history, we have an autocratic movement in our country. Seventy-five million people have some soul searching to do and take responsibility. Before we “come together,” the wound created between us needs to be cleaned out before it can heal.

I didn’t see eye-to-eye on every issue with every friend. That was normal. I recall arguing over cocktails about maximum building heights, where I insisted that mountain and ocean views should be left unobstructed for all people to enjoy. My friend believed it belonged to those who could pay for the beach houses and high rise apartments. A group of friends might not have agreed what percent of the state budget should go for road upkeep. As the size of the Michigan potholes widened, consensus got easier to reach. At the end of the night, we’d agree to disagree. No hard feelings. I looked forward to the next time of camaraderie and laughter.

When we focus on decency, we give oxygen to the best in us. Love is renewable energy we create when we take time to learn and appreciate people who worked to better mankind. It’s about the wolf we feed.