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Stress finds us. We are stressed about family, our health, money, politics and the scroll keeps unrolling. How we deal with stress colors our days and the quality of our sleep. Stress is defined as a feeling we experience when demands exceed our mental resources. In other words, we feel that our life is out […]

Be careful how your talk to yourself because you are listening. Lisa M. Hayes May spring breezes whisper of new beginnings. Freshness in the air motivates us to pay attention to neglected areas at home. We organize cluttered closets, get behind the refrigerator to clean and soak the microwave filter. Spring is also a great […]

If you are a child of mine and especially if you are a grandchild, this is not for you.  This is for mature readers, mature in years not necessarily in wisdom. I don’t want to eliminate all my friends. What happened began less than a year ago, I was standing on a small piece of […]

The doctor was the age of my great-granddaughter. “Oh, it’s just a cold. Drink plenty of…” Two days and 150 ounces of Pellegrino later, I try a different Urgent Care. This time, the doctor pushing a computer table into the room, eyes glued on the screen, was older than me. My hacking cough must have […]

Research for my 17th century novel rerouted me to the word, paraprosdokian. It is a figure of speech, where the last part of the sentence surprises. Thirty minutes of writing goes down the Google drain with other feckless information. Wait! Maybe not. What if one of my minor characters could speak in paraprosdokian? If I […]