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Good questions arise out of silence. Granddaughter Edith (11 years-old) walked briskly next to me without talking—highly unusual. While visiting, when not talking, she’s playing the piano (aka my piano keyboard)  and singing Kacey Muskgraves’ songs, Biscuits, for one:

Here we are, two years of COVID and conspiracy theories. Although the vaccine is not 100% effective (only death is), it keeps us out of the hospital and is our best hope for returning to normalcy. The virus knocked us down, but selfishness is keeping us down. But it wouldn’t be the virus that holds […]

Tiny forests are springing up all over the globe. Communities who understand that humans are connected to the natural world are taking steps to benefit the entire ecosystem, instead of humans only. These changes translate to green news.

We can experience spiritual highs watching the stars above or drinking a glass of our favorite wine. But, these are temporary antidepressant moments. They don’t get to the root of our unease and endless search to feel content and grounded. But they are reminders of just how good it feels when we let go of illusions and live in truth.

You may be a skeptic when it comes to personality tests. However, they may be more accurate than you believe. But first, let’s get the unpleasantries out of the way. How can you tell if the test is valid?