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The number of political contributions I made this year may match or exceed all the money I donated to politicians in my lifetime. Some of you may be nodding your head. You did the same thing. After the election, requests from politicians and PACs slowed significantly but kept trickling. Lately, it’s about the Georgia senatorial election, and one more time, “the sky is falling.”

Virtues are voluntary. Vices are its opposite. Virtues are the ship’s rudder that takes you to your destination. Vices are people moving from one urge to another, unthinking and unaware.

My favorite rest activity is alone in bed with a good book. There is nothing like immersing yourself in the imagination of others, taking you out of your world, and worries. Thus the expression “lost in a book.”

Trauma is shock, suffering, and anguish. Right now, we find ourselves in a country divided along political lines and experiencing a raging pandemic that keeps us physically apart. The consequences of trauma are a range of symptoms, involuntary memories, poor sleep, anxiety, and a sense of doom. How will we move on from here?

Why do we care so much about what other people think of us? Even people we don’t think highly, of or even like. We do because there are consequences for straying off the path. So, like sheep following the flock, we spend our journey walking the beaten path, the route most accepted.