Edith Andersen’s Books


Savoring Life in the Latter Lanes features essays of interest to women in the latter lanes such as Grace and Patience; A Woman’s Heart; Sugar in Fruit; Steadfast and Stubborn; I’m Right. You’re Wrong; Pat Summitt; Trees in the Forest; The Birds Are Gone; and Doomed to Brood.

Savoring Life in the Latter Lanes: A Collection of Essays

Savoring Life in the Latter Lanes (Kindle)


An Internet legend, source unknown, is here retold. It tells a story of how baby angels are sent to Earth. On the day of their earthly birth, before they leave heaven, God speaks to them. Usually, baby angels are excited and full of joy. But this legend is about a baby angel who is not excited. She is not full of joy. Earth is a big place. Who will take care of her?  For baby showers, new borns, and ages 2 to 5

An Angel Is Born


Emma’s grandmother lives in the computer. They see each other on Skype. They have fun playing peek-a-boo and Grandma does silly things that make Emma laugh. But will Grandma ever come out of the computer or will she always be a Flat Grandma?  English and Icelandic Ages 2-4

Flat Grandma  Flat Grandma (Kindle)

Flata Amma (Icelandic Edition)  Flata Amma (Kindle)


When Lily’s dog has puppies, there is a lot of happiness in the house. But sometimes with this much happiness, a problem sneaks in. The sneaky problem was Naughty Puppy. He did very naughty things. Mother tells Lily, “Naughty Puppy has too much energy. We must find him a home.” Will they find a home for Naughty Puppy and all his energy? Who would want a puppy with this much energy? Ages 2-6

A Home for Naughty Puppy

A Home for Naughty Puppy (Kindle)


Tumi the Dragon is born on top of a mountain under a big yellow moon. All day, Tumi plays with his sisters and eats wildflower soup that his mother cooks in a large cauldron. Life is good. Tumi, like boys often do, goes off by himself, exploring. Then one day, something happened. Tumi tumbles down the mountain into a world of little animals. Animals very different from Tumi. Ages 2-5

Tumi the Dragon

TPWM Cover

The Princess Wants More is a fairy tale about Princess Isadora and her insatiable want for more stuff. Magnus the Mouse comes to the rescue and the two of them visit Albus the Wizard who promises her three wishes. Does more make Isadora happy? What Isadora learn is that it’s not things that make you happy. Discussion question are at the end of the book. Ages 5-8

The Princess Wants More

The Princess Wants More (Kindle)

teplate_6x9This story takes place in Iceland during the fifties and sixties. It’s a story of a girl whose ancestors; farmers, lawmen, murderers, poets, and priests can be traced back to the ninth century. Placed in a sanatorium at the age of eight, she had to make a new life for herself. At twelve she looked destined to repeat sixth grade forever. At fourteen, she considered joining the monastery. At sixteen her parents sent her to England to learn English. She learned more than English. Edith’s childhood memoir is about living, laughing, hurting, and growing up. It’s a story that will make you laugh, sometimes cry, but a story you will want to read through to the last episode.

I am from Iceland

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