A Changing World and Values

Raising daughters in a country that upholds (some) values you don't share can be tricky. Perhaps braver moms than I remained steadfast and spoke their mind. I opted to wait to share my views until the children were old enough to think for themselves. This was no easy thing since my nature is to question, speak up, and push against injustice. By the time I was a mom, I'd tossed out a myriad of political theories and isms. Why would anyone listen to those who talk and talk and never walk the talk? People claiming to have answers for everyone else wore down my patience, leaving no space for listening.

Sleep for the Health of It

This habit of treating sleep as a second-class idea remained with me for half-a-century, or until a few months ago. So secure in my sleep opinion—less is better— that I preached it to others, my husband in particular. Even after retiring and time not an issue, I dragged myself through the day spreading yawning contagion, insisting it wasn’t for lack of sleep. Oh, no! It was too much sleep.