Beyond Illusions

We can experience spiritual highs watching the stars above or drinking a glass of our favorite wine. But, these are temporary antidepressant moments. They don't get to the root of our unease and endless search to feel content and grounded. But they are reminders of just how good it feels when we let go of illusions and live in truth.

Chop Wood, Carry Water

There is something slow and earthy about living in tune with the continually changing world around us. I leave Florida when the Magnolia trees are in full blossom. Whether or not we follow the movements of the stars or the time of the tides to make decisions, many of us have started comparing the benefits of doing more—to doing less.

Lost in Thought

A more subtle trend is also brewing, an inner quest, a spiritual expansion. Instead of building rockets to reach Venus or Mercury, we feel a calling to journey to the core of our being, call it our essence or unconditioned Consciousness. In ancient teachings, it was referred to as the Christ within or Buddha-nature.

The Next Evolutionary Step for Humanity

The rising of consciousness, the next evolutionary step, moves us away from wars and hate towards awareness and compassion. There are no ten-step programs or best-selling books to teach us what we already know. It's work we do on ourselves. While I don't know any fully enlightened beings, I know people working to be a better version of themselves. I, too, seek to evolve into a better edition of Edith.