Hey! Vina

Tim's aunt said something that resonated with me; “Your friends, not family, are the people who will look out for you.” I interpreted this to mean that his aunt's Florida neighbors had an understood pact they would keep an eye for each other. Now living in this kind of community, I understand what she was talking about.

Postnuptial Agreements

You get married for better or worse. At twenty-five, that's an easy commitment to make. Signing the paperwork without reading the fine print is normal. You are more concerned about your gown's Chantilly lace than legal matters. Thirty or more years later, the mistake of not reading the conditions outlined in your marriage contract is sitting on the couch watching television from morning to night.

On the Front Burner

At the onset of my research, the depth of my Social Security understanding was shallow enough a three-year-old could keep his head out of the water. Diving into economists' different views is a deep pool and easy to drown in acronyms and regulations. So it began with something I understand well, my check shows up in my checking account each month, and I always find a way to spend it.