This Time it Feels Different

Today is a difficult period, but also a time of incredible promise. When the pain keeps coming, it's easy to believe it will never end, especially when we carry a three-pound brain that latches onto bad news and conspiracy theories. In the eighth-month of each pregnancy, my mind started whispering that walking around like a penguin for the rest of my days was my karma for previous lives’ misdeeds.

Lice, Exclamations, and Hearing Aid Batteries

The ringtone, Twinkle, goes off on my phone. I recognize it as my youngest. Glancing at my phone screen, it's Wednesday, and it's 11:09 am. It means she's walked the two kids, Andrea (eight) and Kai (six), to school. Four words into the conversation, and I usually have a pretty good idea of how her day started. This time it took only one.

The Art of Living

The art of living. When you see it, you recognize it. It’s the simplest of actions and the healthiest of emotions. It’s living in balance with the present. It’s an old man sitting on a bench tossing breadcrumbs to birds. It’s me as a child looking out my bedroom skylight to watch the stars, the Milky Way, and the Aurora Borealis. It is you, eating a tangerine one section at a time.