Couldn’t Care Less

Image from Here we are, two years of COVID and conspiracy theories. Although the vaccine is not 100% effective (only death is), it keeps us out of the hospital and is our best hope for returning to normalcy. The virus knocked us down, but selfishness is keeping us down. But it wouldn’t be the … Continue reading Couldn’t Care Less

Supreme Court Seats

The more we learn, the less likely we are to get puffed up with opinions, the lowest form of human knowledge. When we learn for ourselves instead of listening to others filling us with fear, we have an opportunity to remove the “sky is falling” feeling. We often find that what's happening today, as in the Supreme Court case, is nothing new, but history repeating itself. Some argue that books, no matter who writes them, don't tell the truth. I'd counter: If you read enough, the brighter your light of comprehension. Deciding not to self-educate is a choice to remain in darkness and denies you a seat at the table.

Handwriting is Personal

The Headline from the Washington Post read: Cursive handwriting is disappearing from public schools. C'est la vie, I think to myself while searching for a gif to add to an email I'd written in Georgia font. There's irony in that we want our computer fonts to look like the handwriting we now toss out to be forgotten. Humans have moved from quill to fountain pen to keyboard to voice recognition. So between pen to keyboard, we end an era of gliding your hand along the page, tiptoeing over the i's and crossing the t's.