That Bird’s Got My Wings

A young inmate picks up a rock to throw at a seagull standing in a puddle. Jarvis Master, a black man on death row, raises his arm to stop him. The San Quinten yard got quiet because, in this culture, you stay out of other people's business. Angered, the inmate shouts, "What do you think you are doing?" Jarvis answers, "Don't! That bird's got my wings."

Disillusioned with Your Book Club?

After surveying five thousand book clubs, found that 88% of private book clubs are all-women groups. Women are more social, so this was no earth-shattering news. Contrary to what most people think, BookBrowse found that the vast majority of the books were not "beach reading," but books to learn from. Overwhelmingly, book club members wanted books that elicited good conversations.