There are times in my life when Discontent comes knocking.  A mysterious malaise that sits in my bedroom swivel chair waiting for me to awaken.  We spend days together wondering, “Why the funk?” Not to be outdone, the Judge (within) joins the party with her opinion. “What do you have to complain about? Snap out of it!”

Actually, Judge, it’s enough I’m sharing my nights with Discontent? I refuse to listen to you all day as well. Beside, I know this will pass. Been here before. I know the cause and the cure.  It’s transformation time. Time to change up the routine and create new experiences. Shake things up.

This time, it’s out with the big house. Into a condo. End of lawn work. Reclaim time for new adventures. The clock is ticking louder.  Instead of writing a newsletter (old routine), write a blog  (new routine). Reclaim my time. Less dusting. More laughing. Less real or imagined responsibilites. Longer meditation. Saunas. Deep breathing. A better alignments with who I am today.