The coronavirus is connected to the extinction of species and human contribution to climate change. This emergency is the result of an economic system of limitless growth where GNP is king. Our “business as usual” systematically ignores planetary boundaries, the ecosystem, and species integrity.

Healing humor makes light of difficulties and life’s challenges. When I told my women teacher coworkers of an incredibly embarrassing moment I’d had with our boss, a wave after wave of laughter surged, and no doubt blood pressures dropped. They knew this could have been one of them and thanked their lucky stars it wasn’t.

After 40 years of marriage, it’s reasonable to believe you know all there is to know about your spouse. You don’t blink an eye when seeing you walk outside with car keys in hand and he comments, “are you going somewhere?” Three possibilities exist: A. I’m going to bed B. What you see is a mirage C. I’m taking the car and going somewhere.

Before gurus came to America with their chants and mantras, women everywhere found ways to keep their sanity. … the women in my bloodline found forms of meditation— the seat of their soul—they worked into their daily routine. Meditation was folding laundry, cleaning windows, cooking, or having a cup of coffee while reading the newspaper.

Knitting sweater coats with front pockets for a couple of granddaughters, I got the idea of putting a one-inch Guatemalan worry doll in each pocket. After all, kindergarten is no ice cream cone, and things can go wrong. You might color outside the lines or not get your turn handing out the treats.