Before gurus came to America with their chants and mantras, women everywhere found ways to keep their sanity. … the women in my bloodline found forms of meditation— the seat of their soul—they worked into their daily routine. Meditation was folding laundry, cleaning windows, cooking, or having a cup of coffee while reading the newspaper.

Knitting sweater coats with front pockets for a couple of granddaughters, I got the idea of putting a one-inch Guatemalan worry doll in each pocket. After all, kindergarten is no ice cream cone, and things can go wrong. You might color outside the lines or not get your turn handing out the treats.

In May of 2019, I set myself a goal of reading a nonfiction book a week. Ten months in, I’m three weeks behind, but now with quarantine time upon us I’ll have time to catch up. While I intended to blog about this experience after reaching my goal of 52 weeks, now might be a better time.

You make a date with friends to go out and eat. Dates with old friends are a laid back affair and easy to plan. More than likely, you already have a favorite spot and know each others’ unique needs. Edith wants a cushioned seat. Tim won’t suffer stools with no back support. So it was […]

Gloria Steinem noted that women tend to become rebellious and radical as they grow older, while it’s the opposite for men. In 2016, I, along with a group of women, was invited to Dorothy Pitman-Hughes’ home to hear her speak of the years she and Gloria fought for women’s rights. Dorothy is the black woman next to Gloria in perhaps their most famous poster, side-by-side, right arms raised.

When my peers say, “We are not ready for a woman president,” I wonder how they came to this conclusion. What in their experiences makes a woman president an impossibility? Our thoughts create our reality. Repeated thoughts become our facts. What can change our realities? My answer would be reading and other people’s influences.

The Headline from the Washington Post read: Cursive handwriting is disappearing from public schools. C’est la vie, I think to myself while searching for a gif to add to an email I’d written in Georgia font. There’s irony in that we want our computer fonts to look like the handwriting we now toss out to be forgotten. Humans have moved from quill to fountain pen to keyboard to voice recognition. So between pen to keyboard, we end an era of gliding your hand along the page, tiptoeing over the i’s and crossing the t’s.