Be a Skeptic

When new symptoms arrive, fatigue or rapid heartbeat, I may research it online. It feels empowering. Could it be COVID-19? Taking the time to learn about my health, or lack of, is a good thing. But not all sources are equal, and the internet is more of a popularity than a quality contest.

WellBeing Wardrobe

We need to stop destroying our planet and resources to meet short-term wants. News anchors, influencers, and celebrities can set an example by wearing the same clothes repeatedly. A small wardrobe is a sign of self-control and resolve that future generations have birdsongs to enjoy and forests to hike. 

Troublesome Trends

Raising six kids, it was inevitable that I would come face-to-face with a generational trend I couldn't accept. Looking at my adorable sleeping toddlers, it was hard to think that one day some social movements would put us on opposite sides. But it happened.