Edith’s Bio

Retiring from 30 years of teaching in 2005, I pondered how I could combine what I love to do with raising money for children’s charity. It was unlikely that walking, biking, reading, gardening, and playing the piano would be a source of income. Confident that the answer would come to me, I marched on doing the things I enjoy.

An article in the local paper told of a group of people meeting at the library for the purpose of writing their memoir. Could I do that? I had published a couple of articles in children’s magazines and remembered enjoying the process.Would my six children and five grandchildren want to know about my childhood in Iceland? My friends would read it for no other reason than our friendship.

Before long, I had a group of writing buddies and Thursday morning was my favorite part of the week. After writing my memoir, I am from Iceland, and positive feedback, I self-published it and listed it on Amazon. Now what? The book made enough money to send a few dollars to children’s charity, but my name would not be on a brick or a plaque—although that part was not important. So it came to me. My morning writing time was available, so why not try my hand at writing books for children.

My inspiration for the first book, an Internet legend (from an orphan poem floating around the Internet) was An Angel is Born. In the years that followed, Flat Grandma, Naughty Puppy, Tumi the Dragon, and The Princess Wants More.

While my little books continue to bring in a little money for my favorite charities like the Smile Train and The Dream Project, I now (2014) spend my writing time on a new adventure, a historical novel that takes place in Iceland during the 17th century.

“Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.”–Walt Disney




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