Evolution of Perception


In 2012, my granddaughter Andrea, a toddler at the time, would stand in her crib babbling to an empty rocking chair. Sometimes she’d hold up a stuffed toy as if offering it to the empty chair. This went on for months. What did she see that my daughter and I didn’t? Andrea was born five years after her 28-year-old aunt Andrea died unexpectedly. 

Do you ever want to say something, but you don’t have the words to express it? It’s not because of a forgetful brain. The words don’t exist. It happens to me when attempting to describe a sensation like a river flowing through my body. This feeling and subsequent desire to express it is happening to a growing number of humans. All kinds of people are searching for the right words to voice this feeling. Humanity evolves, and new words expressing changes take time to catch up. In an article in Unity Magazine, “Creating Authentic Power,” Gary Zukav attempts to describe what we are feeling.

Today, human consciousness is limited to our perception; what we see, hear, taste, touch, and smell. But we are beginning to sense there is more than meets our senses. We no longer believe that our five senses give the whole picture. Surely, we are more than muscles and molecules. More than all and any fixed externals. We are a part of nature’s cycle. We existed before we were born. We will continue evolving after our spirit leaves our body and be reborn into the circle of life. Our movement away from externals is a shift to reverence for the energy that connects us with nature.  

Our growing awareness tells us that the world is not random but revealing. The universe continues to show us the way when we pay attention. As our understanding grows, we begin to transition from sensory consciousness (the five senses) to what Gary Zukav calls “multi-sensory consciousness.”  

Evolving to a multi-sensory consciousness is never about right or wrong, or left or right. It’s like walking; the more you walk, the greater the benefits. The new consciousness aligns the mind and body, moving from the head to the heart. With enough awareness, the universe teaches us the difference between love that’s constructive and fear that’s destructive. 

Instead of operating from intellect, our sensory world (of comparing and analyzing) that pursues external power, we operate from our multi-sensory heart (compassion and conscious communications), what Gary Zukav calls “authentic power.” You may know multi-sensory people. They have an aura that pulls you in and makes you feel better about yourself. You see it in their eyes and their smile, even when they are wearing a mask.

Every moment we have a choice of choosing love over fear. Our loving part, the multi-sensory sensation, wants to create with love instead of caving to fear. Straggling between those two perceptions is the training ground. We want harmony but fight over politics. We say we care about those struggling financially, then give scant gratuity to service workers. The loving part wants to support life, and the fearful part asks what’s in it for me. 

Challenging fear within is how we create authentic power. Every frightened part of us wants to manipulate the externals to eliminate the fear. To meet fear with love takes courage. Love deactivates fear. We move from a sensory to a multi-sensory perception by aligning our behavior with love. Our behavior can slow progress temporarily, but it cannot stop it. Sensory to multi-sensory transition will take time. What happens after that? 

Gary Zukav writes: “Universal humans will emerge from multi-sensory humans. Universal humans are authentically powerful—beyond culture, religion, nation, ethnic group, and gender. Their allegiance is to life.”

Well, I for one, have a lot of work ahead of me.


Unity Magazine, “Creating Authentic Power”

No Self No Problem, Anam Thubten

Rediscovering Life, Awaken to Reality, Anthony de Mello

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  1. Good Morning!   I tried to post this reply to your post below but am not sure it went through, so here it is again.   This post reminded me of an epiphany I had this week – I came across an article on the connection between spirituality and mental health earlier this week.   I usually steer clear of articles that mention “spirituality” in the title because i have found that they too often (for me) use that term to mask a discussion of religion.  But, as a retired social worker, I feel compelled to read what others say about my former profession so I read the article.  The author talked about spirituality as the place we go when more concrete, tangible resources do not suffice.  While her statement did not resonate with me, what she described happening when others turn to spiritual resources was something that I could definitely relate to.  So, I had to think, if it is not spirituality that I turn to that generates this positive outcome for me, what is it?  Hence my epiphany:  I am not a spiritual person as much as I am an experiential person.  When I am sad, afraid, angry, or just in a funk, I have developed the habit of finding something to do that brings me joy, that makes me laugh, or maybe even cry.  And those experiences are what I turn to when others may turn to spiritual resources.  The outcome may not change the world and I may have to go to that well again and again, but at least each time I do, there’s a batch of fresh baked cookies, a completed jigsaw puzzle, a tidied closet, or an exhausted puppy with her head in my lap to accompany my feeling of peace.   Thanks for letting me share.   Judi   


    1. Judi, thank you for sharing. Learning to deal with difficult emotions feels to me a mixture of awareness of self and wisdom. Writing about spirituality as I experience it is difficult because I don’t have the words that describe the feelings I want to coney. Happiness and joy feel different to me. Happiness depends on the outer world and joy is about the inner state. Knowing the activities that put us in the “flow” puts us in the driver seat. Happiness is like a thermometer and a joy is the thermostat. One happens to you and the other–you set the temp. Although a flight of beer and a pretzel are external, it comes mighty close to joy. hehehehe


  2. Absolutely beautiful 😍. Thank you.

    Regarding “a lot of work to do,” don’t we all? 🎶with a little help from my friends 🎶 we’ll move in that direction ♥️

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