Dear White Sisters,

Would you please help me understand why more than half of you voted for Trump in 2016? What did you see that I didn’t? After reading Sisters in Hate, I understood how white women get caught up in the white supremacy movement. But to learn that 94 percent of black women voted for Hillary in 2016, while the majority of white women chose Trump, still baffles me. Then in 2020, even more of you voted for Trump.

White women, how can you be okay with anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, anti-LGBT, anti-Semitic? Do you want a country that’s against gun legislation, environmental protection, women’s autonomy, black lives, universal healthcare, childcare, affordable education alternatives for young people graduating from high school? Is this the country you want to raise your children in?

Your party supports white supremacists and embraces the deplorable behavior of Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, Madison Cawthorn, and Marjorie Taylor Greene. They almost managed to overthrow the government, ending Democracy as we know it.   

After four years of Trump doing nothing to improve the common good, the environment, schools, roads, parks, when you voted for him again, what did you think he would accomplish in the next four years? White men are not your saviors. Susan B. Anthony said, “No man is good enough to govern any woman without her consent.” Why did you give consent to hateful (mostly) men?

When our first chance to vote for a woman president came in 2016, less than half of white women voted for Hillary Clinton. Some said: “I’m waiting until a qualified woman runs.” For these women, that day will never come. But never a harsh word about white men who start wars that kill our sons and daughters and refuse common-sense gun laws, frightening our little ones who now must practice school-shooter drills?  

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Has our white privilege made us soft and self-centered? Thousands of black men were lynched and killed in the South for looking at a white woman. The horrific history of blacks in this country, injustices, and incarcerations, forced black women to take responsibility for children with no help from spouses or the government. White women didn’t come to their aid, and it is why black women don’t trust us today. The discrimination and poverty black women had to bear did accomplish one thing. Unlike you, they recognize the self-righteousness and ignorance of some old white men for what it is, keeping power.  

Trump wrote on Twitter, ‘The ‘suburban housewife’ will be voting for me. They want safety & are thrilled that I ended the long-running program where low-income housing would invade their neighborhood.” One reason white women voted for Trump was out of fear and prejudice.  

President Johnson upheld civil rights, passed environmental protection laws, and enforced voting rights.

Clinton connected 95% of schools to the Internet, passed the Family and Medical Leave Act (1993), 12 weeks (unpaid) job-guaranteed (you could no longer be fired for staying home a few weeks after giving birth, adoption, or personal or family illness). The President’s School-to-Work program (H.R.2884) provided venture capital for all fifty states to help young people transition to jobs with a future after high school.

Instead of believing and repeating the lies, White sisters know what you value and listen to people worthy of trust. Ignore know-it-all pundits and those who blame others. When our vision falters, we make an appointment with an ophthalmologist, not a mechanic. When our car’s engine rattles, we go to a mechanic, not an ophthalmologist—enough innuendoes, opinions, and fear-mongering. Nothing dispels fear like finding out for yourself. It’s like cleaning the junk drawer in the kitchen, throwing out what’s of no use. 

Let’s move forward together to create a more perfect union and Build Back Better.


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7 thoughts on “Dear White Sisters,

  1. Actually, I cannot understand how women can buy into the white supremacy movement. I cannot understand how women can be fooled by the lies of trump and other politicians – the four you mentioned in your blog, Edith. It feels very urgent to me that we stand up and work for our democracy together. But it appears that men and women are pulling apart and that feels very scary. Thanks for bringing up the tough topics, Edith. It is so necessary!


  2. I also saw a man and wife duo on the intersection of 312 and US 1 with gigantic trump flags and a few cars did honk, but not a lot. Perhaps there is hope that some have come to realize what a dreadful individual he is .


  3. Right on sister. Last night is St. Augustine, we passed a women carrying a huge flag. She was struggling under the weig of this enormous banner that read, “Trump Won.” No one honked or paid attention to her. Are we finally waking up?


  4. Great Blog, Edith! For all the reasons you listed and more, we can’t lose the House and Senate in Nov 2022 while Republicans on the Hill and beyond in the general populaiton are mesmerized and paralyzed and terrorized by Trump!!! We have to change the trend of what usually happens in mid-term elections. The 1/6 US House Select Committee has to get moving with the hearings and then get that report out at the optimal time so folks are informed well in advance of casting their vote and b4 Republicans have time to trash that report.


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