Instead of believing everything external is real, what if we pay attention to moments of synchronicity? Synchronicity, a word coined by Carl Jung, describes seemingly coincidental events in the external world. 

Everything we see and think is real is through a veil of societal conditioning. 

Quantum physics is about the tiny particles everything is made of and how these particles move through walls, appear out of thin air, and disappear. Like magic, one moment the rabbit is in the hat, and then it’s gone. The What the Bleep Do We Know documentary suggests a spiritual connection between quantum physics and consciousness. 

Two people are looking at the same thing yet describe it much differently. Perhaps our greatest illusion is death. When our bodies die, some believe our consciousness (inner-self) also dies. The Bleep documentary explains that our consciousness exists in a different dimension outside of time and space constraints. A concept that’s incredibly difficult to grasp. Our body ceases, but our consciousness is eternal, moving to a different dimension. Carl Jung believed in synchronicity as occurrences that aid in awakening and guiding us to our inner self.  

Synchronicity happens in everyday life, but it takes a keen eye and awareness to take note. In The Awakened Brain, Lisa Miller shares stories from her life in wanting a baby where unrelated signs, symbols, and events connected. Finding a duck embryo at her doorstep, a stranger on a train saying she looked like a mother looking for a child, meeting a woman who’d adopted a baby from Russia, and an impulsive decision to fly to Sioux City to attend a Lakota healer ceremony. 

At the airport returning home, she gets a call from the adoption agency. They’d found a baby for Lisa and her husband in an orphanage in St. Petersburg. Weeks later, Lisa watched a video of the baby boy. She felt an all-encompassing love for the baby and gratitude to the spirits who heard her plea. That night, blanketed by an all-inclusive sense of love, she writes, “we conceived.” Our awareness of synchronicity, despite uncertainty and confusion, reveals an alignment to the force of life, universal consciousness.

Synchronicity occurs in dreams, random events, spontaneous encounters, symbols, and other ways. Unlike prayers where we ask for something and wait, synchronicity shows up unexpectedly.

One of my daughters, Andrea, loved rainbows. She drew them everywhere, on walls, paper, and school books. In July (2006), a few months after Andrea’s unexpected death, the family gathered at the Detroit River boardwalk. Pointing to the sky, another daughter called, “Look up!” Shining bright above was a brilliant double rainbow, a rare event. Sure, others saw the rainbow, but for us, it was Andrea sharing one more rainbow.  

Some believe that synchronicity is nothing more than our mind playing tricks on us. Yet, the more we notice it in our lives, the harder it is to ignore.  Perhaps it’s our collective consciousness reminding us that our true purpose in life is of a spiritual nature. Studies (The Awakened Brain) find that spiritually minded people experience synchronicity with greater frequency.

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  1. Thank you Edith
    I notice Synchronicity all the time. Love to watch for it . Firm believer that our spirit continues on after physical death .
    Happy morning


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