zebra and green tea

Time for a facelift. Using the same format for my newsletter for two years, I needed an injection of freshness. One change was to come up with a name for a column on the second page.

The Sunday Newsletter for Women is a three-page undertaking where I share what interest me, humor, health, wisdom, relationships, environment, and the many technological changes and its implications. Column two offers tidbits of information.

NPR, starting a Blog, faced the naming decision two years earlier. Their creative staff of many struggled and debated. Finally, they decided on “goat and soda.” Oh, how I wanted my column to be goat and soda. But, it wasn’t my idea, my column might say something about soda, but “goat?”

So, my creative staff of one came up with a plethora of ideas:

morning and wine (seriously? People start their morning with wine?)

email and news (boring)

coffee and learning (this smacks of a past era)

one more day (made me think of impending death)

tantalizing tidbits (column two many not always live up to this snappy little name)

Holding on to the idea of two or three words, the answer came in four words, zebra and green tea. Readers tell me they love sharing their first cup of tea/coffee with the Sunday e-newsletter. The striped zebra represents contrast, diversity of information. The green tea improves brain function. A match made.

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