Aging is Awesome

Aging and laughingAging is a reward for living a long life. Not everyone grows old and many die before the prime time of their lives. We are thankful. With age comes gratitude and appreciation for every passing year. We appreciate rituals, drinking our first cup of coffee on the lanai or reading a book on a rainy afternoon. Here are some awesome things to appreciate about aging.

1. You begin to want less stuff. We accumulate more stuff than we need. As we get older, we begin to understand that less is more. We don’t need to surround ourselves with material things.

2. Indifference to others’ opinions. You learn that everyone doesn’t have to like you. You just have to like yourself. Actress Candice Bergen said, “People can get crazier as they get older. I can just be weird whenever I want, and there’s the freedom of not caring what people think.”

3. Your children become your friends. Raising children through their rebellious years, it’s hard to imagine this moment. But it happens. They are individuals in their own right, and now you laugh together about their past shenanigans.

4. You learn not to criticize. As we age, we know there is no value to be gained by criticizing anyone. You understand the value of dwelling on the positive and removing yourself from negativity.

5. You wear your wrinkles with pride. Wrinkles mean you laughed, grey hair means you cared, and scars mean you lived!

6. You have learned that you don’t always have to be right. Self-righteous indignation is exhausting. We understand the listening is more important than being right and possibly deferring to someone else’s point of view.